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2024 Summer Teacher Training Institute (STTI)

OCTAE (DAEL) is please to announce the 2024 Summer Teacher Training Institute (STTI) for adult education teachers offered through the LINCS Technical Assistance Center. STTI is a new and completely free LINCS professional development opportunity designed to support adult education teachers. 

What:  LINCS 2024 Summer Teacher Training Institute 

Description:  The Summer Teacher Training Institute (STTI) is a new opportunity for adult education teachers across the country to convene for an immersive virtual evidence-based professional learning experience. Whether a seasoned pro or just beginning, the STTI promises to elevate teaching to new heights. The STTI is comprised of three strands: 

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Strand (6 weeks) will deepen practitioner knowledge about science, technology, and math content and research-based instructional strategies for the adult education classroom. 

The Students—Helping Them Persist Strand (6 weeks) will deepen practitioner knowledge about holistic student supports while focusing on building and sharing strategies around student motivation and persistence. 

The SIA 2.0 Strand* (8 weeks) will deepen practitioner knowledge and help participants review curriculum for alignment to standards while allowing for peer exchange of ideas and resources and networking with other adult education teachers.

STTI Timeline: 

  • 5/23/24 – Registration opens 
  • 6/14/24 – Registration closes (unless maximum capacity reached before)
  • 6/18/24 – Notification of acceptance
  • 6/26/24 – Joint kick-off webinar for all three strands will be held at 2 pm ET. 
  • July - August – Strand meetings and virtual activities

Registration Link: https://forms.office.com/r/UKNCgzYavS

Interested teachers can sign up for just one, two, or all three of the strands. For questions, please contact: training@lincs.ed.gov

*Note: For SIA 2.0, States participate as part of a multi-state cohort, with individual State teams meeting between sessions to apply what they’ve learned. Those interested in the SIA 2.0 Strand must be nominated by their state professional development