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IET Advanced Design Camp Application Opening on September 25, 2023!

To increase the number of states and local programs delivering high-quality IET programs, OCTAE is offering state teams the opportunity to participate in IET Advanced Design Camp (ADC) training. The ADC is designed to help state leaders and current IET program practitioners improve and grow their IET programming.

Time Frame: Five cohorts of IET Advanced Design Camp will be offered in the winter and spring of 2024. Each Design Camp cohort consists of a one-hour orientation and three-day-long online synchronous training sessions held over four weeks. See the ADC Frequently Asked Questions for dates and more information.

Location: All sessions will be held virtually via Zoom.

Target Audience: The ADCs are designed for state teams of up to six people. Each state team must have at least one state-level representative or state PD provider (and no more than two) and two local program teams, each composed of two adult education practitioners looking to strengthen and grow their existing IET programs. The local program teams may include IET administrators, directors, coordinators, instructors, navigators, and wraparound service providers that address student barriers, among others. Details on eligibility are available here: ADC Frequently Asked Questions.

Steps To Apply: The Advanced Design Camp application will open on October September 25, 2023.         
Please note that only state directors (or their designee) should complete these steps.

  1. Review the ADC Frequently Asked Questions.
  2. Submit a notification of interest by October 13, 2023.
  3. Use the ADC Application Support Document as a guide to prepare and gather the information that you will need to submit your online application on behalf of your state team.
  4. Submit your application for the ADC via the online application form by November 15, 2023. You can indicate your cohort schedule preference via the application.

The application for all Advanced Design Camp cohorts will close on November 15, 2023.

Questions? Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions or contact ietdesigncampinfo@air.org.