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IET Advanced Design Camp: Apply Now! Deadline is November 15.

The application is now open for IET Advanced Design Camps (ADC). 

The IET Advanced Design Camp (ADC) is designed to help state leaders and current IET program practitioners improve and grow their IET programming. Each ADC consists of a one-hour orientation and three day-long online synchronous training sessions held over four weeks. Over the course of these sessions, participating state and local teams will learn strategies to accomplish the following:

  • Articulate strategies for applying an equity lens to quality IET program design and implementation
  • Identify effective IET instructional strategies and contextualization approaches
  • Build partnerships to strengthen IET design and alignment with career pathways and college degree programs
  • Build an IET data culture and use data to make decisions about IET program design and implementation
  • Plan for sustainability and scaling of IET programs

Participants will reflect on their priorities for improvement and identify steps they will take to improve quality programming in line with the new IET Quality Indicators. Each team will create a state IET impact plan during the training period and present it to their peers at the last session through a state team capstone presentation. 

Applications for the ADCs are due November 15, 2023. Please visit our ADVANCE IET page on LINCS and check out the IET ADC FAQS and IET ADC Application Support Document for further guidance on completing the online application.

For questions, please email ietdesigncampinfo@air.org.