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IET in Corrections Welcomes Teams from Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and South Carolina to DC for IETC Design Camp

To celebrate #AEFLWeek and to promote the expansion of evidence-based Integrated Education and Training (IET) programs, OCTAE’s IET in Corrections project is hosting a design camp for state corrections teams to develop IET programs that provide incarcerated students with the skills and credentials needed to secure in-demand, living wage jobs after release. 

This week, teams from Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and South Carolina are coming together for three-day design camp in Washington, DC. Team members include adult education instructors, workforce training instructors, facility-level education administrators, and state correctional education staff. These teams will go through the design process outlined in the IET Design Toolkit and IET in Corrections: A Companion Gide to the IET Design Toolkit to develop and implement IET programs that prepare adult learners for careers and a successful reentry to their communities. 

IET programs benefit people who are incarcerated by enhancing and accelerating learning, aligning career pathways with programs in the community, and improving post-release employment opportunities. Additional considerations for developing IET programs in corrections are described in the Companion Guide to the IET Design Toolkit

More opportunities for state corrections teams to participate in a design camp will be available in 2024 and 2025. To participate in the academy and a subsequent design camp, work with your counterparts in your State Department of Corrections to put together a team and then register for the state leadership academy. 

Email IETinCorrections@rti.org with any questions!

Happy #AEFLWeek!