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LINCS Community events for the week of 09/06/2022

Hosted Discussion: Welcome Back to School Inside and Outside of Our Prison Walls

Description: Join us as we welcome educators and administrators back to school in correctional and reentry settings. As we begin the new school year, we’ll explore programs, resources, and tools helpful to teachers and administrators inside and outside of our prisons, jails, and reentry programs. LINCS resources and programming successes across the country will be features, and we hope you will join in to share your work in the community by highlighting successful resources, tools, programs, or even a student you would like to recognize.

Discussion Contributors: Jeff Abramowitz, LINCS Correctional and Reentry Education Group Moderator

Date/Time: Thursday, September 8, 2022

LINCS Community Group: Correctional and Reentry Education

LINCS account is required to participate in the LINCS discussion: Welcome Back to School Inside and Outside of Our Prison Walls.


Live Session: Math for Today’s Workforce: How Do We Contextualize Math?

Description: How do you develop the teaching practices of Math and Numeracy practitioners? What strategies do you use when supporting adult educators? Join Brooke Istas and Kathy Tracey as we engage in a field directed conversation about promising practices and research-based strategies used to contextualize math instruction and help learners increase their math and numeracy proficiency.

Presenters: Brooke Istas, LINCS Math and Numeracy Group Moderator and Kathy Tracey, LINCS Program Management Group Moderator

Date/Time: Friday, September 9, 2022, 1:00pm ET (live session)

LINCS Community Group: Program Management

Online registration is required to participate in the LINCS Event for Math for Today’s Workforce: How do we contextualize math?


 *Please note: LINCS moderator-led events are not recorded, so we encourage you to participate in them as they happen. Certificates are not provided for attending LINCS events.