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LINCS Events for the week of 10/10/2022

Hosted Discussion: Career Pathways in Community Colleges

Description: Join the LINCS Community Career Pathways Group Moderator Chrissie Klinger to learn more about leveraging partnerships with community colleges to enhance career pathways program options.

Discussion Contributors: Susan Roberts, LINCS Teaching and Learning Group Moderator and Chrissie Klinger LINCS Career Pathways Group Moderator

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 12, 2022

LINCS Community Group: Teaching and Learning; Career Pathways

A LINCS account is required to participate in the LINCS discussion: Career Pathways in Community Colleges.

The LINCS Community is excited to announce it will provide attendance certificates for all live events starting 9/26/22!  Creating a record of attendance continues the LINCS commitment to supporting professional development for adult educators.

  • Certificates will include information on the event title, date, length of time, and the LINCS Community group hosting the event.
  • Participants will receive their certificates via email within approximately two business days of the event.