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LINCS Events for the week of 10/3/2022

Live Session: Strategies in Providing ELA and Family Literacy Services to Afghan Refugees

Description: Adult education can be critical for individuals and families from other countries trying to find their way and, in many cases, their family's way in a new country, culture, and speaking a language. Please join us for an interview with Kimberly Tate, Savannah Technical College’s ESL Program Coordinator, who will share program strategies for orienting, instructing, and retaining Afghan refugees. 

Presenters: Kimberly Tate, Savannah Technical College

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 5, 2022, 12:00pm ET (live session)

LINCS Community Group: Professional Development; English Language Acquisition

Online registration is required to participate in the LINCS Event Strategies in Providing ELA and Family Literacy Services to Afghan Refugees.

The LINCS Community is excited to announce it will provide attendance certificates for all live events starting 9/26/22!  Creating a record of attendance continues the LINCS commitment to supporting professional development for adult educators.

  • Certificates will include information on the event title, date, length of time, and the LINCS Community group hosting the event.
  • Participants will receive their certificates via email within approximately two business days of the event.