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LINCS Events for the Week of 6/28/2021

Hosted Discussion: Expanding Our View of Math History and Culture

Description: Join Adult Numeracy Network President, Eric Appleton, as he highlights areas for teacher learning and curriculum development. It is often assumed that all mathematics comes from Europe and the ancient Greeks. Studying the history of mathematics can help teachers and students learn about the contributions of many cultures to our current mathematical understandings. Our number system comes from India. Algebra was developed most notably in Islamic learning centers. Mayan mathematicians independently developed 0 and a base-60 number system. Chinese mathematicians proved the Pythagorean Theorem long before Pythagoras. This discussion will focus on what math teachers can do to develop and share knowledge of the history of mathematics in non-Western cultures.

Date/Time: Monday, June 28, 2021 - Tuesday, June 29, 2021 (asynchronous discussion)

Discussion Groups: Math and Numeracy

A LINCS account is required to participate in the LINCS discussion, Expanding Our View of Math History and Culture.