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LINCS Events for the week of 8/22/2022

Live Session: Exploring How the IET Design Camp Prompted Program Changes

Description: Join us to hear from peers in the field about how professional development around Integrated Education and Training (IET) helped them improve programming and services offered to adult learners. Our panelists include IET Design Camp leaders and participants from five different states. Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions and share ideas around IET programming.

Presenter: Design Camp Leads: Amanda Ahlstrand and Jennifer Jirous-Rapp, American Institute for Research and Participants.

Date/Time: Tuesday, August 23, 2022, 2:00pm ET (live session)

LINCS Community Group: Career Pathways

Online registration is required to participate in the LINCS Event for Exploring How IET Design Camp Prompted Program Changes.


Hosted Discussion: Supporting Family Learning and Literacy

Description: In this one-day asynchronous discussion, a family literacy teacher will discuss principles for working with families with low incomes, effective strategies for supporting parents’ own education and their involvement in children’s learning and education, and how family literacy instruction can be adapted to remote/online settings.

Discussion Contributors: Emily Wolfe, Penn State University

Date/Time: Tuesday, August 23, 2022

LINCS Community Group: Reading and Writing; Teaching and Learning; English Language Acquisition

A LINCS account is required to participate in the LINCS discussion Supporting Family Learning and Literacy.



Live Session: Coffee Break: Let's Talk about Building Strategic Partnerships - Engaging Employers

Description: Are you a partnership forger? Do you employ successful strategies to form partnerships that inform your adult learning work? Join our LINCS Community Professional Development group to learn about the LINCS course on Building Strategic Partnerships – Engaging Employers. Bring your approaches to share and learn from your colleagues during this informal Coffee Break.

Presenter: Jacki Korengel, LINCS Professional Development Community Group Moderator

Date/Time: Friday, August 26, 2022, 12:00pm ET (live session)

LINCS Community Group: Professional Development

Online registration is required to participate in the LINCS Event for Coffee Break: Let's Talk about Building Strategic Partnerships: Engaging Employers.

*Please note: LINCS moderator-led events are not recorded, so we encourage you to participate in them as they happen. Certificates are not provided for attending LINCS events.