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OCTAE launches Adult Numeracy Instruction 2.0 Professional Development Program

On April 1st, OCTAE announced a new professional development opportunity for state-based teams of adult educators who provide math instruction for adult learners.  Under contract with OCTAE, WestEd is updating the original ANI PD program that was first developed in 2008. The new training is fully online. It includes synchronous and asynchronous learning activities that cover the following six instructional units:

  • Module 1: The Big Ideas of Adult Numeracy: The Foundations of the ANI 2.0 Professional Development Program
  • Module 2: Instructional Routines and Formative Assessment Practices That Promote Positive Mathematical Identities
  • Module 3: Essential Understandings and Operations with Whole and Rational Numbers
  • Module 4: Essential Understandings and Applications of Operations and Algebraic Thinking
  • Module 5: Essential Understandings and Applications of Geometry and Measurement
  • Module 6: Essential Understandings and Applications of Data, Statistics, and Probability

The training spans six months with one module covered per month. OCTAE is recruiting six state teams to field test new training activities and materials. State teams should include a mix of up to 12 instructors of mathematics and educators with mathematics expertise. Field testing activities will begin fall 2021. Applications to participate will be available spring 2021.

Look for information about an upcoming informational webinar, designed for potential state applicants, that will be posted here soon.  Questions?  Contact Ronna Spacone at ronna.spacone@ed.gov.