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Save the Dates: 2020 National Training Institute

Due to the disruption of services resulting from COVID-19 and the necessity to do our work differently, the National Association of State Directors of Adult Education is planning and conducting the annual  National Training Institute (NTI) as a completely virtual event.  To select topics for this year’s NTI, we surveyed our membership to identify pressing needs. Additionally, we collaborated with staff in the US Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education (OCTAE), Division of Adult Education and Literacy.

As in year’s past, OCTAE staff will be assisting as facilitators and presenters for select sessions of this year’s NTI. OCTAE staff will deliver sessions originally planned for its 2020 Annual State Directors Meeting. That makes the NTI an excellent opportunity to hear the latest from OCTAE and let them hear your voice as we develop and share expertise, ask questions, and press forward in this New Era of Adult Education. We look forward to being together in a virtual format.

Tentative Agenda – Sessions Scheduled between 11 AM – 5:30 PM in Eastern Daylight Time

Monday, October 19      Objectives:  Assistant Secretary Scott Stump of OCTAE,USDOE; understand how the impacts of COVID-19 are being experienced in Adult Education nationally and how they are being addressed in terms of leadership of the statewide programs and assisting providers with effective programming.

Tuesday, October 20    Objectives:  understand the impact of data validity on the Statistical Adjustment Model, via a presentation from OCTAE; gain understanding of how to use workforce data projections for program planning.

Thursday, October 22    Objectives: learn about strategies and policies for implementing the IELCE program from OCTAE; gain knowledge of how IET is being implemented virtually in various state and local programs.

Friday, October 23:     Objectives:  participate in NASDAE’s annual business meeting and OCTAE Regional Meetings.

Tuesday, October 27:    Objectives:  learn how critical deficits in digital literacy are impacting various industries and view some tools to address the deficits; learn about promising practices to address these deficits.

Thursday, October 29:   Objectives:  discuss and share challenges and opportunities to ensure equity in access to services and ways of reaching, engaging and retaining students in this new era of adult education.