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Self-Study Guide for Evidence-Based Practices in Adult Literacy Education

The Southeast Regional Educational Laboratories (REL) has developed a self-study guide to help adult literacy education providers collect, organize, and analyze evidence that they can use to improve program performance. The guide provides a template for a team of adult educators to assess their implementation of an adult education program's literacy practices and discuss potential improvements.

The guide can be used by states, districts, colleges, and programs implementing adult literacy education, and the self-study process can be applied to various populations and settings, including English learner programs, adult basic education programs, and programs in correctional institutions. Teams of adult educators, including administrators, counselors, and teachers, would use the guide to reflect on current strengths, challenges, and areas of improvement in planning or implementation.

Access the guide at: https://ies.ed.gov/ncee/edlabs/projects/project.asp?projectID=4607