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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance Guides

OCTAE issued technical assistance guides to assist states with WIOA implementation. 

(OCTAE developed checklist for planners, managers of career pathways, financial aid counselors, and administrators of programs responsible for administering the Ability to Benefit provisions.)


OCTAE provides training annually for new state directors and staff. 

2020 New State Directors Training

U.S. Department of Labor Helpful Links

Resources developed by the U.S. Department of Labor.

WIOA State Workforce Development Board Membership Requirements Tool – is to help states satisfy the minimum required board membership requirements and ensure that all required partners are given an equitable voice on the board.

Sample MOU IFA Toolkit – is for states to use when developing MOUs, including one-stop operating budgets, Infrastructure Funding Agreements (IFA), and cost allocation methodologies.

DOL Workforce GPS – this site provides support to state and local workforce development boards, system professionals, and employers, providing help to find the resources needed to successfully implement the vision of WIOA.