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NRS for Adult Education: March 2022 eNotes


National Reporting System for Adult Education March 2022 eNotes

Greetings! Stay connected through NRS eNotes and be the first to receive highlights on new products and training, updates to the NRSWeb site, and information about upcoming events. Please forward this email to other adult education staff and encourage others to sign up by emailing nrs@air.org. As always, visit the NRSWeb site to learn more about the training and technical assistance available to states through the NRS Support Project.

Upcoming Events

2022 Regional Trainings

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NRS Support Project has conducted the annual regional training virtually for state and local adult education staff across the country. The virtual training content continues to respond to current policy changes and needs within adult education.   

The NRS Support Project team will conduct the 21st annual regional training on the topic of enrollment and recruitment challenges as seen from the state perspective, the state recruitment and the state’s enrollment landscape. The training will feature state discussions on key issues affecting recruitment and enrollment in their state and the potential ideal elements and characteristics that would be part of addressing these issues. States will have an opportunity to hear about strategies that have been implemented to address recruitment and enrollment in one or more states.  

There will be two training sessions training from June 21-23 and June 28-30

Registration information will be sent to state directors and their staff in April. 

You can check out resources from previous regional trainings here.

New Products and Training

Podcast Series: Episodes 2 and 3

Last year, the NRS team launched a new series of podcasts and micro-learning opportunities. In Past, Present, Future (episode 1), Larry Condelli, director of the NRS Support Project, discusses why and how the National Reporting System came into existence, what needs the NRS serves today, and the future of the NRS.  

In Turning Challenges into Successes: Applying the Research to Practice in Virtual Learning and Service Delivery in Adult Education (episode 2), NRS Support Project staff member Delphinia Brown highlights some of the key points from expert speakers at the 2021 regional workshops that illustrate the successes adult education programs have had with providing virtual services while managing the challenges accompanying huge growth in virtual learning programs. 

In Leveraging Social Media for Student Recruitment (episode 3), NRS Support Project staff member Marcela Movit interviews Christopher McElroy, Director of Adult Education at South Suburban Community College in South Holland, IL, about what he has found to be effective ways to recruit students using social media. 

Listen to the podcast episodes here.

NRS Webinar Available Now! 

Increasing Enrollment Through Improved Recruitment and Retention

This webinar was conducted on February 1st, 2022 by Larry Condelli, Project Director for the NRS and Institute Fellow at American Institutes for Research; and GeMar Neloms, Director of Training for the NRS and Principal Technical Assistance Consultant at American Institutes for Research. 

Increasing Enrollment Through Improved Recruitment and Retention highlights how the review of instruction, services and recruitment can assist states in understanding, visioning and addressing approaches to recruitment and enrollment. Through presentation, discussion and scenarios adapted from real adult education experiences, participants identified critical considerations and data to focus on regarding adult education services, perceptions and recruitment in relation to enrollment.  

The webinar is intended for state directors, state level professional development staff, and state staff addressing recruitment and enrollment and is one resource designed to prepare state staff for the upcoming regional training. 

Watch a recording of the webinar here.

NRS Technical Assistance Tool

The First 90 Days Checklist

Being an NRS data leader can be one of the most important, challenging, and interesting jobs you will ever have. As with many important roles, it comes with a sharp learning curve. The First 90 Day Checklist is a tool created by the NRS Support Project Team to help new NRS data leaders develop a strategic plan for the first 90 days in their role. It highlights key tasks that will help individuals new to the role establish themselves as data leaders and create a plan to help them navigate their new role. 

The tool was first introduced during a webinar that was conducted on December 14, 2021 titled Becoming an NRS Data Leader: Tips for the First 90 Days. The webinar featured a panel of veteran data leaders who shared tips to help those new to the world of NRS data leadership develop a strategic plan for the first 90 days in their role.  

A tip sheet was put together that summarizes the webinar.  

The tool, a recording of the webinar, and the tip sheet can be found here.

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Link to short survey here.

Contact the NRS

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