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Creating Adult Pre-Apprenticeships Workshop

09/23/2021 at 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM EST

The U.S. Department of Education has announced the grand-prize winner and the four runners-up in the Rethink Adult Ed Challenge, a $750,000 competition to advance pre-apprenticeships. Over 10 months, the Department helped nearly 100 adult education providers create high-quality designs for programs that better prepare learners for apprenticeships — and will soon support more providers in developing their own programs through a virtual workshop and new self-paced online learning course.

“The Rethink Adult Ed Challenge proved the demand for training opportunities that are responsive to the evolving needs of American businesses — and our adult learners. We are thrilled to recognize the high potential of these diverse programs and look forward to seeing their learners thrive in future careers.”— Dr. Miguel Cardona, U.S. Secretary of Education

What comes next: Register for the September 23 workshop

To help more adult education providers develop and deliver Pre-Apprenticeship programs, the Department will host a virtual workshop on September 23 during National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week. The workshop will share learnings from the challenge and preview the Department’s new self-paced online learning course — accessible to providers across the United States.

Meet the challenge winners and register for the September 23 workshop.